Go Get Beach Slapped ®
by Lisa Morgan
Meet & Greet
with the author/screenwriter Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan is on a mission to spread an epidemic of laughter, after the voices in her head compelled her to be a writer. Laughter is free, it costs you nothing to share but it may be priceless to the recipient. Life is about taking no prisoners, but no one said you can't beach slap people along the way. Lisa decided a few years ago to compile her witticisms into a book. Now there is written proof that she has been living through a decade long brain freeze.

Lisa has been married to her husband Sol for 24 years. It's a slap in the face when you realize your marriage is old enough to qualify as a legal adult, but if your lucky you might live long enough to acknowledge your marriage is old enough to receive retirement benefits, oh no wait that's what the wealthy call divorce....retirement benefits. 

"On the day we are born, we are all born the same way relatively speaking & we are equal for a moment. On the day we die, we are all the same...dead & we are all equal until God passes judgment. It is what we do between the birth date & the death date, that defines who we are & were in life. We leave our footprints in the sand for other to follow & I'm hoping my footprints leave a well traveled path that leads to a good life, one that is lived well.  A path of good deeds that will honor my name, so others will say well done, she led a good life & she made a positive impact, on those she knew & those she did not have the pleasure to meet. I hope when I leave this earth, I will leave it a little better off, for me having been here. Remember it's easier to fill someone's shoes if they're wearing flip flops. " ~ Lisa Morgan (Excerpt from the book Get Beach Slapped)

Terminology is different when you live at the beach. You must tell people when flip flops don't qualify as shoes, shorts with tanks aren't cocktail attire; otherwise they'll arrive in their best beach attire, when the party is cocktail formal. Getting bombed at the beach does not have the same meaning, does in other parts of the world. It means that you've consumes too many tequila sunrises & you might get caught expressing, " Kiss my cheeks where the sun don't shine." When you say that, "A hurricane is coming!", you must follow that up with a weather report or people along the coast think it's happy hour. ~ Lisa Morgan (Excerpt from the book Get Beach Slapped)

Motto: Brain strain & drain come when you do nothing but complain. Brain Freezes & Brain Farts are for the Twits & Tarts. Brainstorms come from those who dare to Dream & not Conform.~ Lisa Morgan

Getting Beach Slapped ® is a tongue in cheek expression, in my opinion it means to get slapped back into reality. We all need to get beach slapped from time to time; to ground us & where better to get grounded, than on a sandy beach. Get Beach Slapped & share some Beach Slaps with a friend!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS....(such as they are):

*Author of the book Get Beach Slapped ®

*Content writer for the site www.gogetbeachslapped.com

*Screenwriter & Scriptwriter

* CEO of Solisa Productions & Toes In The Sand Studios (T.I.T.S.)

*Executive Producer, Director, Storyboards, Writer, Actress on sample reel of

*Creator of the show "Beach Slapped" ®
&  other TV Shows Concepts such as:
*Undercover Don ~ Comedy
*The Twelve ~ Drama
*The Seeds of Rock ~ Reality
*Beyond the front Door ~ Drama
*Assume the Position ~ Game show/Reality
*The Bumpkins ~ Comedy
*Male Order ~ Game show/Reality
*Sons o' the Beaches ~ Reality
*Backstage Pass ~ Reality
*Sports Party Referee ~ Game & Sports show/Reality
*Beach Wives ~ Reality

*All of the above shows are protected & some are available for pitches (Go grab a mitt, but don't grab Mitt Romney, cause Ann might not like it.)

* Appearance as a church lady struck with the Holy Ghost, in the 2011 production of the Hit Stage play "If He Only Knew", in Atlanta, Ga. & Albany, Ga.

*Screenwriter of the Dark Comedy Film "The LAST GHOST TOUR"
set in Fort Walton & Destin, Florida 

*Screenwriter for "Kisses from Heaven" based on  a story idea by Tina Doelitzsch

*Co Producer & Co Director of a 2010 docu-film "Day in the Life of a Boat Captain"

*Female dancer in red in the 2010 comedy film "The Last Ghost Tour"

*Author of the satirical book "Get Beach Slapped"

* Extra in 1990 film "The Long Walk Home" with Sissy Spacek & Whoopi Goldberg

*Artist working in acrylics & watercolor

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Hollywood is not all it's cracked up to be, it's just cracked, but you can't see the cracks cause the plastic docs keep filling those cracks with silicone. The road to success is not paved with gold, apparently it's paved with silicone, that is if you believe the hype Hollywood is producing & sending out on your boob tube.

When three over forty women get bored on a summer afternoon; they ask their friends to join them to create a comedy video clip. This is what happen when these Beaches escape reality & slip into the surreal world of Reality TV. They imagine themselves in the shoes of TV reality stars & their daydreams become their reality, until Karma & Fairy Mother Pucker Beach Slaps them back into reality. Laughs will ensue. We are not responsible for any panic attacks, cramps from belly laughs & pant wetting, so consider yourself forewarned. Thanks & enjoy the film clip Beach Slapped!
(The show Beach Slapped is registered)

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