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by Lisa Morgan
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Beach Slapped ~ meaning to get hit by a large wave while at the beach, to be slapped with information. Alternative meaning: A derivative of bitch slap or a comedy TV show, where reality meets fantasy & beach slaps a group of women in their forties & fifties. Reality bites & these Beaches bit it back, with a little help from Karma!

Beaches ~ meaning a sandy or pebbly shore of a lake, ocean, sea or river.  Alternative meaning: A derivative of bitches....only in this case the Beaches are benevolent, effervescent, artistic, charismatic & humorous.

Welcome to the Go Get Beach Slapped web page! Thanks for coming to see what getting beach slapped is all about. It's about facing reality head on, which means sometimes the truth slaps you in the face, sometimes you get to slap life back. Reality checks offer us the opportunity to reset our point of view. The view is better from a place of serenity, for some it's the beach. Your state of mind determines the view of life & reality. Finding your inner beach is easy, once you know where to look. Follow the footprints on the beach & you will eventually be beach slapped. It's better than following the yellow brick road. You do not want to know why it's yellow, believe me...comedy people think comedy!
I was looking for a time out from life & found that my Reality Check had bounced & Beach Slapped me. Now I'm paying penalties & interest, but I want a life that makes Sense....Dollars & Sense! ~ Lisa Morgan You can speak volumes or you can say what you mean to say without saying a word. ~ Lisa Morgan (Excerpt from the book Get Beach Slapped)

The book "Get Beach Slapped"® is a satirical view of life, as seen through the eyes of a pre-menopausal woman named Lisa Morgan, who refuses to go quietly into the golden years. It'll help you to look at your own life & with with renewed exuberance, after you realize you are not alone in the age process. Think of life as a processing plant & in the end we become fertilizer. Maybe that's not the best analogy, but it's the most truthful. Enjoy the ride, while you're above the ground. Any day not spent pushing up daisies is a good day, regardless of how bad it seems. "Get Beach Slapped"® will be best the best therapy you've ever invested in, cause we all know that laughter is the best medicine. It only goes to follow, that smiles would make the best therapy. You'll feel more normal, after reading the book "Get Beach Slapped" ®, as the gauge of normal shifts with each birthday you celebrate.

"Beach Slapped" ® the show is about the BEACHES, who are Not Your Typical Real Housewives, they are more like surreal wives. The BEACHES make Fun of Reality & offer their own dose of reality to America. No one is immune from their dose of reality, therefore you have been forewarned that an epidemic of smiles & laughter may be a result of exposure to getting Beach Slapped®. The usual side affects may occur such as pains from belly laughs, urinating your pants unless you wear Depends undergarments, in which case you came prepared; gratefulness that you are who you are & not one of the BEACHES, among other side affects.

Reality TV will Get Beach Slapped by the BEACHES, who are creating a Spoof of Reality & spinning TV in a new direction, as the Beaches poke fun at Reality. Hollywood is not where you go to find reality, unless you're looking for the surreal life of reality TV.

America is hungry Beach Slapped offers Soul Food but Not Brain Food and occasionally eye candy on a very good day.  Reality bites, but so do the BEACHES & Karma. Make your bites count & go Get Beach Slapped. Make No mistake this is a Comedic Farce of Reality Shows along with all things reality!  Remember having a sense of humor is more important than a sense of direction; unless you're looking for the bathroom. This show is based on the humor, of the author Lisa Morgan & her unique view of reality, which is compiled in her book "GET BEACH SLAPPED" ®.

You can get mad enough to turn red. You can get depressed with the blues. You can turn green with envy. You can get so embarrassed that you are blushing pink. Some of us are more colorful than others, but we are all of the same race....the human race. ~ Lisa Morgan (Excerpt from the book Get Beach Slapped )

What are you waiting for?  Go get "GET BEACH SLAPPED" ® the book, at a retailer listed or download it in e-book form. You can go to the Retail Therapy page on this site to order the book. The book "GET BEACH SLAPPED" ® is intended to help you appreciate your own reality, while laughing at someone else, namely the author.

A Real Woman needs Grace, Resilience, Intelligence, Tact, Spirit. This is what we in the South call GRITS. ~ Lisa Morgan

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